A Guide to Balancing & Stimulating the Brain for the adolescent and teen with ADD / ADHD

The strategies included in the guide have helped hundred's of Steve's clients improve and overcome their children's (and their own) challanges living with ADD/ADHD

Need Help Addressing Your Child's ADD/ADHD Behaviors?

I can help you understand the different ways that Stress, in its many forms, affects their behavior and provide holistic, healthy strategies for stimulating and calming their unique ADD Brain.

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"The Natural Path to Balancing & Stimulating the Brain for the Adolescent and Teen with ADD/ADHD"

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Included in the guide... 

  • Learn about Steve's ADD journey and how he overcame his challenges
  • Three simple and effective food & lifestyle changes that help
  • Four Internal and External Triggers and what to do about them
  • Enjoy a fulfilling life by managing your ADD