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We take pride in helping people get well, reach a more healthy balance in their lives, and achieve their potential. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about our services!

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Medical Testimonials ...

I began seeing Dr. Angela Goldstein in May of 2007 to begin treatment for hypothyroidism. I had been on synthetic thyroid for approximately 6 years and wanted to stop taking it. I also was suffering from hypoglycemia, severe fatigue, weakness and nausea among other things. Holistic and natural medicine is a priority to me and I wanted natural treatments so, I was very much looking forward to meeting with Dr. Goldstein since I am normally a very active and athletic individual and these health issues were really getting in the way of my active life.

On my first visit, Dr. Goldstein spent over two hours with me and she asked me a multitude of questions regarding my health. She asked me to take some easy at home and start on some supplementation. When the tests results returned we sat down together again and she worked out a plan to bring me back to optimum health. I am now entirely off the synthetic thyroid and my thyroid is functioning properly on its own, my hypoglycemia is under control with the proper diet that Dr. Goldstein urged me adhere to, and I am no longer fatigued nor weak. Dr. Goldstein also taught me how to take care of my mental and emotional health in a such a way that it would help speed the recovery of my physical health as well. She even took the time to discuss stress issues at home and how to handle them better.

I feel as though Dr. Goldstein and I are a team. I always felt very well supported in my efforts for better health. Our time is never rushed and Dr. Goldstein makes sure she addresses all my health issues so that nothing is left unresolved. I will continue working with Dr. Goldstein to maintain my health and feel very blessed to have her in my life.


For about a year I experienced thyroid trouble, low energy, night sweats, amongst a host of other symptoms. These symptoms seemed to come and go but nothing was going away, despite my personal efforts in fixing the problem. I knew I needed professional help. I decided to see my gynecologist because it seemed hormone- related. Major blood work was conducted but the problem remained elusive and my situation continued to decline. I decided I needed a naturopath!

I read about many naturopathic doctors but I chose Dr. Angela Goldstein because of her personal philosophy regarding homeopathy and her knowledge of the Blood Type Diet, which I also follow. Contacting Dr. Goldstein was absolutely the best path I could have selected and I'm still thrilled about it.

At first, I was hesitant when she recommended chelation, but I'm so glad I followed her advice. I hadn't considered the effects of toxic build-up in my body's tissues that had
accumulated over the years. She made many other wonderful suggestions, but the best part has been her willingness to listen and allow me to participate in my healing.

I could have never found the success in my health and wellbeing had it not been for Dr. Goldstein's guidance. The problems that plagued me have reversed and the benefits continue as my body has what it needs to rebalance itself.

Dr. Goldstein introduced me to her approach and yet she never hesitated to consider new ideas and showed a great willingness to grow her knowledge base. She possesses
a wonderful combination of professional experience and an open mind.

With newfound health, I've experienced many positive physical improvements that have over time stimulated a series of profound life changes. I thank Dr, Angela Goldstein so often, she's probably tired of hearing it, but I am grateful to her and her efforts on my behalf. I whole-heartedly recommend her services.


Coaching Testimonials...

Steve Cogan has helped me to be more successful professionally and personally. Working with Steve, I've been better able to recognize and address the different ways in which my ADD affects my life. He uses practical tools to help me be more focused and effective in my daily life. He is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and respectful and never makes me feel embarrassed or ashamed about my ADD. He is also helping me to be a better parent to my daughter who has ADD. I highly recommend Steve as a coach to anyone who has ADD or has a child with ADD.

S. H., Dana Point, CA

Discovering that I had ADD when I was in my early 30’s was a hard pill to swallow. I was told about ADD coaching, and that eventually led me to Steve Cogan. Prior to working with him, I had all these thoughts on what coaching would entail, and I was simply blown away on how off the mark I was. I was thinking it was therapy and he quickly dispelled that. He also came from a positive direction making me realize that there are so many positive attributes I already had that were directly the result of living with ADD for 30 years. He assured me that pretty much all people tend to focus on the negative side of things and this overshadows the positives. That’s what caught me right away.

I could feel his passion for what he does, and the best part was that he would have me make subtle fundamental changes daily that were far from overwhelming, but the next thing I knew it was 3 months later and things were really starting to change for me. I never felt a particular moment when it happened, and that was the beauty of working with Steve…the fact that it was fun and never felt like “work.” What stood out for me was that I could hear him listening to me (I hope that makes sense) and then he would redirect me to the areas that I wouldn’t pay attention to before. I still had to take all the action and make the changes, but he would help steer me, and would challenge me.

I really feel it was worth the investment in working with a coach because there’s absolutely no price I can put on how much I’ve grown since I started working with Steve. I initially signed on for 3 months, but I knew I wanted to keep going since I changed more in those 3 months than I had over the previous 15 years. All from just having that person to work with, and not feeling that I was on my own. Thanks very much.

A. P. Toronto , Canada

Steve helped me to quickly and effectively identify the areas in my life that were challenges and caused me to lose focus. He provided guidance and excellent support while showing a genuine sense of commitment and caring. I would recommend Steve to anyone who is looking for counseling and direction.

Client San Clemente, CA - Summer 2008

In our last few sessions I've continued working on scheduling issues, and different ways to motivate myself. Steve taught me a very practical matrix model to put all of my different activities into.

I have found it helpful with planning for future goals (which is a big problem for me) because it allows me to visually take in what matters are urgent, and what is important. It also constantly reminds me what I have to plan ahead for and what I need to be doing.

The matrix plays into the larger area of focus; breaking tasks down into manageable portions, so I'm not rushed to finish anything. I have often felt that if I'm going to do something, I have to do it all, but among the many things I have learned from Steve, I am slowly starting to see that I can successfully finish something over a period of time.

N. K. Orange, CA, 7/28/10

Steve has been very patient with me as I detox from a couple of stressful years. He is an excellent listener and communicator has the ability to synthesize complex issues in a clear and positive way.

R. S. San Clemente, CA 5/25/11

Steve's coaching helped us set up a homework chart so our son could be reminded of what to do and how to accomplish it. Steve's strategies to approaching homework helped Sammy not feel overwhelmed. We feel Sammy has gained awareness of his unique learning styles and will try new techniques in order to succeed in school.

G. T. Garden Grove, CA 8/19/11

George's grades have been good. Much better than any other school year. Our son is more responsible most of the time. The process Steve used to develop the contract was methodical and thoughtful.

D. P. & M.J. C., Milwaukee, WI Oct. 19, 2011

I've seen improvements with study skills, work habits, and overall well being in school work.

G. P., 16 years old, Milwaukee, WI Oct. 19, 2011

I like working with Steve in part because he brings a more, I don't know, holistic & laid back and sometimes alternative perspective to my problems/issues/growth/etc. We have spoken about dietary considerations and ADD.

We've talked about knowing what your priorities are and why, and how they relate to and are reinforced by goals and values and personal & professional goals. We also talk about defining who you are not soley on what you do/need to do. We have also spent time differentiating priorities based on their importance and urgency, how to make goals specific, measurable, and reasonable and asking yourself questions to make better decisions. Between you, my psychiatrist & psychologist, and my parents & my friends & myself, I am slowly making positive changes. I do note that you sometimes are a pinch late, but really like how the hour isn't a hard hour and can go on longer if wanted/needed.

B. C. , 19 years old, Tustin, CA Nov. 12, 2011

One of my discoveries and changes I have seen in having worked with you in my first month of coaching are that I may not be as ready to completely change my bad habits as I said I was. I know that this does not sound like a great summary so far however, my point is that I have become so much more aware of what I do on a daily basis that keeps me from maintaining focus, concentration, and being productive in both my personal life and in my job.

One big change that I’m still working on in my daily routine, is that I have discovered that I really need to change my habit of showering in the morning before I begin my work day to showering the night before so I can maintain my job and remain professional in the work that I do. Making it to work on time is only one of my short-term goals but for me it is an important one. I still don’t like to shower the night before because I just don’t feel like I am at my best the next day, however, thanks to the coaching I received, I discovered that this may be the only solution that I came up with for myself so that I am prompt in getting to work.

Another point I want to make is that ADD coaching has made me stop and really dissect and evaluate my daily habits that are non-productive in my daily living. As someone with an ADD brain, we tend to just keep going and going and going, full speed ahead and it is so rare for us to just stop what we are doing and take the time to ask ourselves what our coach asks us: how could you have done things differently? What do YOU think you need to get the change you are looking for? How does doing what you are doing now affect you and your productivity? How do your habits affect those around you such as your spouse, family, or coworkers?

For me, these are the questions that coaching helped me find my own answers. When I first sought ADD coaching, I had this preconceived notion that this coach was going to have all the answers that I was looking for, that he was going to completely change my life so much so that I would be the productive human being that I’ve always dreamed I could be. But the truth of the matter is that he does not hold all the answers for us…through the coaching, I found I had my own answers and I continue to look for my own answers.
Steve, although I know we have had to take a break with coaching due to my current financial situation, but I am beyond grateful for your knowledge and time you shared with me as well as the care and understanding you naturally have for your clients who you work with. I look forward to working together in the near future.

C. G. 34 years old, Orange, CA June 18, 2012

The parent contract you assisted us with, gave us a good starting point to address school and lifestyle issues we are having with our son. Your suggestion to reward for completed homework has helped motivate him to get things in. I have longed to see my son prepare his backpack for the next day prior to going to bed. He has also written out some personal goals he hopes to accomplish. Some self reflective thought is becoming apparent.

C. M.., Parent, Victor, NY., Dec., 2012

The coaching has been going well. In the few months we have had so far, I was able to greatly improve my habits with regards to school. Things such as seeking help from teachers, remembering to do and turn-in assignments, as well as asking more questions in class, have been much much easier.

D. M., 17 yo son, Victor, NY., Jan., 2013

I have seen huge improvement not only in my turning in work, but also in the quality of work that I have been doing. I have also started getting more sleep since I have started working with Steve.

This is a very big step for me as a student and I feel extremely accomplished with what I have been doing in the past months.

B. F., 14 yo boy, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA ., April, 2013

Through this process, Bryan has become more responsible for his actions. He has turned in most of his assignments more than before. The organization skills he is learning are helping to not only get assignments in, but plan out projects, get ready for tests, and stay up with classes he misses for Baseball games.

This has transferred into his home attitude of being more calm and relaxed. He has had less"breakdowns" since the process has begun."

A. F. , Mom of B. F., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. April, 2013