Do you have a teen with ADD/ADHD and worry about their preparedness for school in the fall?

Has your child fallen through the cracks academically in the past because you did not have an effective system in place to support their success?

The summertime is a great time to begin work with an ADD Coach ahead of the busy school year. ADD Coaches offer practical tools to move your child forward from where they are now and help them reach their potential. They are skilled at helping your child discover their strengths and excavate and address barriers that are getting in the way of success. And probably more significant than anything else is the fact that coaches can bridge the communication gap between you and your child where and when you can’t; they can serve as a 3rd party mediator to impart insight and get through to your child because they are not you, the parent.

Some benefits to working with an ADD coach in the summer and beyond include:

  • Discover strategies that will reduce the stress your teen experiences in the school environment
  • To get you and your teen holistically educated on healthy ways to balance and stimulate the brain
  • Develop a motivational system using a written contract to promote certain routine behaviors and provide consistent support going forward

Contact Steve Cogan now to learn more about my quality coaching program and get on my summer appointment schedule typically limited to a select few families/clients.

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