Let’s do everything we can to help prevent you and your family from going through that this year.  While there no guarantees when it comes to avoiding common colds and flus, here are three simple, effective, and of course,  natural steps you can take at home to build up your immune system now, before the sneezing starts!


  1. Add more Immune Building foods to your diet:
    Natural, organic foods such as Garlic, Onions, Vegetables, Seeds and Fruits all provide your body with the nutrients your immune system needs to become and stay strong.
  2. Catch Some Rays Now!
    Sunlight triggers the skin’s production of vitamin D. In the summer and early fall, a 10-15 minute exposure, without sunscreen, is enough.  Ladies check if your makeup has sunscreen in it, many beauty products do and this blocks those all-important rays from doing their magic. Remove it before heading out to your sun deck.
  3. Consider Probiotics:
    Supplements reduce the incidence of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections.  Head to your local health food store and pick out a good Probiotic or pop into our clinic where we carry a great probiotic and other supplements to help you stay healthy this season.

Along with those three tips , let’s not forget about all the routine health tips such as, get plenty of sleep, drink water to stay hydrated,  limit alcohol intake, exercise frequently … you know the routine.

It may not sound all that exciting , but when your co-workers are sneezing around you,  you will appreciate that you took these preventative measures!

As always if I can help in any way, feel free to call the clinic for an appointment.

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